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Join us at our next Open House on Wednesday, December 14th at 6:00 PM.

Real Life. Real Learning.

At the Philly Free School, students ages 4-19 explore freely, think critically, and work collaboratively, across ages, to govern themselves and their school. Through self-initiated activities, students learn the delicate balance between individual freedom and community responsibility. Along the way, they develop the internal resources to navigate, assess, and utilize the information and tools needed to thrive in modern society.

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Maddy didn’t have a mock presidential election at her school, like some other schools did. She was part of the actual presidential election, and I know she will be part of the actual presidential election four years from now. She told me so before bed on election night. “Mommy, the next election we’ll start early. We’ll go from house to house and talk to people. You’ll have to take off early from work. We’ll do it together.” This is the power that democratic education holds. For me right now, PFS is powerful. PFS is hope.


My friend recently posted a meme on his Facebook page declaring “Maslow before Bloom,” with the comment, “My teacher friends will get this!”

Why Our Families Choose PFS

«We wanted you to have your own uniqueness. We wanted a school where what you say matters.»

Amy Wan, Parent of a current student