Student Experience

Hear why our students and alums love PFS.

Arika and Christy talk about the differences between Philly Free School and their previous schools. 

Naia talks about what she's gained from attending Philly Free School. 

Anthony discusses his time at Philly Free School–the importance of being seen and heard as a person whose opinion matters.

Kate talks about her time at PFS and how it has prepared her for college and beyond.

Nadja and Blythe share the importance of knowing yourself. (Part 1...)

Kate discusses how she was accepted at the Philly Free School being seen and relied upon as a fully competent human.

Ian Rice talks about welcoming responsibility

Kate talks about how independence enabled her to learn time management in a practical way.

Nadja and Blythe share how knowing yourself gets you ahead. (Part 2)

Nadja and Blythe talk about being able to pursue your passions. 

Desmond explains that while attending the Philly Free School he was instilled with confidence and how he's brought that out into the world post-school.

Blythe and Nadja talk about their biggest takeaways from their time at the Philly Free School: learning how to learn, following passions, and having the space, time and freedom to get to know themselves. (Full Video)

Kate discusses the various ways she grew while at PFS and how it has helped her smoothly transition in to the adult world. (Full Video)