Inside PFS Episode 6: Preyton, Noah, and Ian in Conversation
by Preyton Lambert, Noah Mogilewski, and Ian Rice

We are excited to offer our first podcast composed entirely of student voices. This episode is a conversation between three young men who are all current PFS diploma candidates. This is a fun and profound episode. Preyton, Noah, and Ian discuss a wide range of topics including race dynamics at Philly Free School and in the world, the differences they see between democratic-free school students and their conventional school peers, the role of older students, Garfield, and more. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: This podcast contains some profane language. Those of us involved with producing this episode have chosen to publish it unedited. We believe it is valuable and beautiful to hear the way this group of friends speaks openly with each other. Applying a filter would muddle their voices. Listener discretion is advised. 

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Preyton Lambert, Noah Mogilewski, and Ian Rice, March 26th