Inside PFS Episode 4: Luke Interviews Grace
by Luke Byrnes and Grace Karkhanis

In this episode, we caught up Grace, a rare journey-person of democratic free schools. She currently splits her time between Philly Free School and Spring Valley School in Florida. We managed to sit her down for a conversation before she flew South for the winter.  PFS is the third democratic free school Grace's has attended as a student. We talk about her experiences at the different democratic free schools and her various pursuits during her time at Philly Free School. Enjoy!

Grace Blog Grace on the left, having fun, as usual, at the Worm Party.

Inside PFS Episode 3: Luke Interviews Christy
by Luke Byrnes and Christy Bui

In this episode of Inside PFS we wanted to get a look at the school through the eyes of a newly enrolled student. Christy was kind enough to speak with us after having only been part of Philly Free School for a few weeks. We discuss her difficulties at her last school, struggles with mental health, the challenges and joys of discovering PFS, and more. Enjoy!

45580674174 8C69C9Ef38 O Christy skating at Dilworth Plaza in Center City Philadelphia